“Nancy Ana” is the collaboration of 2 mother’s hearts – Nancy Gonseth and Ana Gracey – who were able to create together these beautiful songs despite being on different continents and opposite sides of an ocean. They are a testament to the fact that music, and love, not only traverses the distance, but also transcends both limits and barriers.

Through Nancy’s tender and insightful lyrics, along with Ana’s warm velvet voice and soothingly beautiful melodies…a perfect partnership is born.

“Drift Away” is their first EP. Out 20th November 2023 “World Children’s Day”.

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7BrteQtzml3P7KuOxKjEPC?si=hcSUII0SQP2A4ao9Qh3Viw

Apple Music https://music.apple.com/gb/album/drift-away-ep/1712907910

Amazon Mp3 https://amazon.co.uk/music/player/albums/B0CLWV88QN?marketplaceId=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&musicTerritory=GB&ref=dm_sh_sy2UgEqKXSAAjUvW0njRnaUto

The first lullaby, “Drift Away, My Darling One” began as a tribute to Nancy’s new grandson, Carter, and has since grown into so much more. Watch the lyric video here featuring Justina Hodgson on cello.

The second lullaby “My Newest Star” was inspired by the birth of Nancy’s granddaughter, Layla, and speaks to the long-awaited gift of a child. Lyric video available here.

The third lullaby, “Little Dove” is more universal, in that it was written with all children in mind, and the love that not only encompasses but also nurtures them.

The fourth, and final, offering is a Cinematic reprise of “Drift Away, My Darling One”…to fill the emotions and carry you away!

Vocals Ana Gracey
Violin on “My Newest Star” Simon Baggs
Cello on “Drift Away, My Darling One” Justina Hodgson
Piano, Mix, Master Ru Lemer at Temple Music Studio
Lyrics Nancy Ann Gonseth
Music Ana Gracey