🌿Wild Valley Brambles 5-track EP “Always Shining” is released on 26th April 2024🌿

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🌟 Credits:

Music by: Wild Valley Brambles

Lyrics by: Stoo Bell, Ana Gracey, and Luiza Lale

Performed by: Ana Gracey (Vocals), Stoo Bell (Guitar), Simon Baggs (Strings) Ru Lemer (Piano)

Mixed and Mastered by: Ru Lemer at Temple Music Studio

🌿 Welcome to Wild Valley Brambles! 🌿 

🎶 About Us: Wild Valley Brambles is a musical collective founded by three talented songwriters and musicians: Stoo Bell, Ana Gracey, and Luiza Lale. United by our love for storytelling through music, we crossed paths online during the pandemic and found resonance in each other’s artistry. 

🎸 Meet the Artists: 

  • Ana Gracey: Ana’s evocative vocals and candid songwriting infuse our music with raw emotion and authenticity. 
  • Luiza Lale: Luiza contributes her unique musical perspective, enriching our sound with her lyrical artistry 
  • Stoo Bell: Known for his soulful guitar melodies and introspective lyrics, Stoo brings depth and introspection to our compositions.

🎵 Our Music: Inspired by nature, personal experiences, and the complexities of life, our music blends elements of folk, indie, and acoustic genres. Each song is a testament to our collective creativity and individual experiences as artists. 

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