This year is all about second chances…

Singer/songwriter Ana Gracey released a new single entitled ‘Run’ on 20 January 2023. ‘Run’ is about facing your fears when true love gives you a second chance. It is the first release from an EP with a fresh new sound which will form part of an album featuring songs that touch, inspire and empower. One of the songs soon to be released will feature Ana’s late mother on saxophone.

“It’s been a tough few years – losing both parents and keeping their musical legacy alive while running the recording studio my father built and going through a divorce before finding love again and dealing with the difficulties a blended family poses.”

‘Run’ marks a new phase in Ana’s musical career. Timeless stripped-down pop production alongside soaring vocals layered with dreamy violins carry the song’s relatable lyrical sentiments. The song plumbs emotional depths but the overall message is one of hope.

“Despite what COVID did to our industry, my parents taught me that in the end, the beat goes on, you’ve got to stay positive and music is an incredible healer.”

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