Born To Glitter is a powerful and uplifting anthem hinting at the magic we know resides inside us all. It is the second release from an EP coming later in the year. The song grew from Ana’s long-standing collaboration with songwriter and saxophonist Luiza Lale and her cellist husband who has woven his own magical string lines through the music.

Ana says “This song rings especially true with me, growing up surrounded by the musical legacy created by my parents. I became sentient listening to them practising their instruments and my mum in particular composing wonderful music… Music and performing was as natural and as common place in our lives as our daily chores. Magic also had a strong place in my childhood – my father was famously nicknamed ‘The Magician of the Drums’ and his father was an excellent amateur magician who often performed tricks for myself and my brother as we watched in wonder. I thank them all for their remarkable legacy and hope that listeners will feel that a little part of that legacy lives on in the lyrics.”

View the lyric video below or on YouTube.